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Weekly Observations For – April 23rd

Weekly Observations

Weekly Observations

What We Saw This Week

Some of my observations from around the social media networks. Comments I made, events I shared. Stories with some laughter and some concern. Some news stories that created annoyance with politics  or moments of joy with a few good news stories too.

April 29th
My FB Post:
April 29 at 2:48pm ·
Folks, I appreciate the concern about my Migraine the other day. But the 42 messages telling me how to cure migraines was not helpful. Each of you made a couple of assumptions;
1. that I told you everything about my medical condition (I didn’t and never do on social media).
2. That my brand of migraine is like your brand of migraine or like the common variations of migraines. It’s not.
Normal migraines have 3 triggers,
1. Food which can include vitamin deficiency.
2. Stress
3. Weather.
These do not affect the type of migraines I get. I’m touched that so many of you want to help. But you can stop now
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