SSL Blog Conversion Issues

Media Library Grid View – Images Not Showing

So Frustrated!

This isn’t a short post!
But I’m at the end of my frustration and I need help.

I finally had a chance to convert all of our family blogs to SSL about 2 weeks ago. Thanks to the WordPress Forums I was able to solve 90% of the issues I had after converting the first blog. So thanks to those folks for all that.

The first issue was losing images on all the posts.
Someone recommended installing the SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin to fix that problem. Once I did that, they still weren’t showing. Then I found someone else with the same problem and someone said it might take a day or two for the propagation of the images to show up. So I was patient and now all that works on all our blogs. Yeah!

But…I’m having 2 more issues. And they’re both specific to this blog only.
If you go to, you’ll see my header graphic on the page.
If you go to, the image won’t load.

I’ve tried this in 3 different browsers – Chrome, Firefox and MS-Explorer

From there I did the following:
1. Check to make sure I was running the current version of WordPress, all my plugins and I also checked on the PHP version and it’s requirements. – Every thing is up to date with the latest version.
– Someone said double check to make sure iMagick was running in PHP.
I went to the cPanel, found the PHP menu. iMagick is selected and running.
2. I went to look at the Appearance in the Theme, to review the header configuration. Thinking maybe if I just re-configure it, I can fix it. Only the image isn’t loading there either.
3.That made me go to the Media Library to make sure the image was there (I figured it had to be, because it’s being displayed on the non-secure site). Then this happened…

Media Library - Tile View

Media Library – Tile View

– Under the List view, I can see all the images associated with the site.
– Under the Grid view, I can’t see any of them.

When I try to update the Appearance>Header> config, it uses the Grid view. Even if I know which file is the right one in that view and select it, the image never loads in the Crop & Save pop-up window. Because of that, I’m not able to update or fix the config for the header.

More research on the Forum.
Here’s what I found.
1. Check to make sure the image is there. – Yep, it is.
2. Deactivate your plugins to see if there’s a conflict. – Ok that was a pain in the Butt! But I did it anyway and that wasn’t the issue either.
3. Check the permissions on the file. – I logged into my cPanel and reviewed the permissions. Everything is set to 0644. For a test, I found the image file for the header, updated it’s permissions to 0764 and tried again. It still won’t load. Not in the grid library, and not on the https version of the site.

Then I ended up posting my own Trouble Ticket on the Forum: /topic/images-not-showing-after-ssl-conversion/.

The First suggestion:

I’m seeing some 404s with the following assets:


They all load with the https protocol when visited directly in a browser.

You might want to try flushing the site permalinks to see if that helps.

Well I did all that. Nope. Didn’t help.
But the 404s made me wonder if the Theme had gotten corrupted. I wondered if there was a way to re-install the theme. Seems to do that you have to delete it and then reinstall it. And to delete it, you have to install a different theme and activate it. Then you can delete the original theme.

So I did all that. I deleted the original Theme through WordPress, not through cPanel file manager system. Maybe I should have done that. But I didn’t want to go through all that first.

Once I reinstalled the original theme, activated it, and published it, I crossed my fingers. That didn’t work either. My next thing to do will be going to the cpanel, file manager and physically removing the theme files completely. I’m holding off on doing that, because putting all the customizations back is going to be another pain in the butt!

I’m still having the same 2 original problems. I’m beyond frustrated!
Anyone with suggestions or advice, would be appreciated.


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