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Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D.

I’m a Mom, Author, Dog Owner and Animal Lover. A Radio Personality, Teacher and Blogger. Former IT Geek, Internet Infrastructure Support Administrator, IT Auditor and IT Compliance Manager. I Love NASCAR, racing in general, Tony Stewart in particular and yes, #ImWithSmoke and the #14Crew. I’m a TopGear enthusiast, a Pirate101 aficionado and Wizard101 fan.  A Spiritual Counselor, licensed Clergy, Political junkie, Space Science fan and a bunch more stuff! Ok what else do you want to know?

Yes I have two theological doctorate degrees. Yes they’re real and I worked for them. Right down to the Masters Thesis and two Dissertations for each Doctorate. But if you want to know about all that, you’re better off checking out my professional theological blog Springwolf Reflections.

Springwolf.com was my first website on the internet and I started it back in 1997. Over time I’ve added stuff, deleted stuff and replaced stuff. But it’s been quite a while since I really did anything with it. I decided in March 2014 that it needed a total overhaul. And the best way to do that was to turn the static site into a blog.

I’ve been blogging on WordPress.com for a number of years now. So I’ve had some good experience with both blogging and WordPress software. A little time learning, reading and installing my own WordPress server seemed like the answer. If you want to use email with your domain name, hosting your blog site on WordPress.com isn’t for you. They don’t offer mail services with your domain. Which was ok, my original web hosting service provides the capability to install your own blog and I can still use the same email server. With in two weeks the blog was up and running. At least on a software side. Next all the site configuration, design and implementation. That starts with the name of my new little blog.

What to call my special place here?
Names are important in my line of work. Names have meaning, they carry energy and they are an extension of the self. Creating a name is serious business. In March I decided the name would be Springwolf’s Kosmos. And I had good reasons for that, but it’s a long story. So if you want to go through the process with me, you can check out the first edition of my springwolf.com blog at  About Springwolf’s Kosmos.

zandiesI’m a Gemini and we’re known for needing constant change and movement to keep our interest or to express our creative natures. I prefer to think of it as evolving within our world. So in July 2014, I hit one of these moments and changed everything up all over the place. Kosmos went from a place of Harmony, Order and Creation. To a place for the Creation of Inspiration, Experience & Harmony. And it moved from a pink place, to incorporate my other favorite color, Mint! Think Andes Candies mint cause that’s the color I really love!

Finding the right picture to represent my new home of Creation and Inspiration  wasn’t easy either. But I started with a lovely picture of Andes Candy cup cakes and used that for my inspiration. They really look good, don’t they?! I may have to gather the ingredients and make some to celebrate. The picture for some reason made me think of flowers. As I thought about that, I remembered an adventure I took with a friend to a flower and garden show about two decades ago. At that show, I found an entire row of mint colored Orchids and I’ve never gotten them out of my head. From that journey, my new vision was born.

Then came the task of putting the images in my head into form. Mint colored orchids aren’t easy to find. But they really do exist. There are three forms of mint, green or what some call teal Orchids. I don’t know about that one. Teal is blue, not mint. But I envisioned a Zen Garden of Mint Orchids with moving water flowing through the blog. Kind of a Feng Shui thing. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment. The term feng shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English.  You can read more about it on Wikipedia: Feng Shui.

Movement is important in Feng Shui and the flow of wind and water is a key component to that. Having a website flow with ease is important to providing a successful presence on the internet. It impacts the energy not only of the site or blog, but how your visitors react to your site and what they get out of the information you provide. Even if your blog is really only for you and what you want to say and share. You want it to be an extension of your thoughts, imagination and experiences you share. The Chinese call this Qi, it can also be called Ki, Prana, energy and a number of other things from around the world.

Finding all that put together in one image wasn’t easy. In fact; I didn’t find exactly what I wanted. But there really are some very pretty mint colored Orchids! I like the 3rd one the best.


So I gave up and made my own header image. Once you have the main image of your blog, the rest of the graphics are a breeze. With a little knowledge and experience of the old JASC Paint Shop Pro, a little tweaking and I was on my way.

I started with this:
And changed it to this:

But how is that related to “Springwolf”? Use your imagination. My Man said the pink center looked like an Angel. That’s fitting. When I provide a Reiki session, I’m often told by my clients that they see big feathery wings on my back during and after the session. That was a nice confirmation that I was on the right track to finding the image for my blog. Then I imagined a wolf with wings, another symbol that’s important in my life. So the Angel protects the wolf and inspired the graphical logo and icon for the blog.

Springwolf's Creations Header Logo Springwolf's Creations Favorite Icon Logo

I like how it all came out. I have my Mint and Pink theme; some pretty orchids and water, flowing over lovely earthen rocks. My wolf vibrating messages through the wind and together it makes me feel all happy and stuff!

Of course some of the information on the original website will show up here. Such as Springwolf Designs, my website consultation business where I share Information Technology for Personal, Small Business and Corporate use. So if you’re looking for help with learning HTML, creating a website or blog; or if you’re an IT Auditor who’s looking for resources to help with SOx and Compliance audits; that’s the place to go.

And what would a blog called “Springwolf” be if there wasn’t a whole section about Wolves?! And then there’s everything else that falls into the category of Our Interests. Things like Storytelling, GalaxyTech for Samsung Galaxy technology. I LOVE my S5 phone!! And of course, my passionate distraction NASCAR and racing in general. And a few other things that I’ll be adding over time simply because I’m a writer and that’s what I do. I share my inspirations, because it’s nice to have dreams.

It’s Nice To Have Dreams – Dreams Inspire, Empower and Create Faith.
Give Yourself Permission To Dream!”
~ Springwolf © 2012 icon-paws by Springwolf ©2014~

Oh here’s a good place to share one of my dreams, that inspires my love of Mint things.
A mint inspired Victoria Beckham special edition Range Rover Evoque. What? It’s kewl. Even the TopGear guys liked it! Well I don’t know if they like the mint creation I made on Land Rover’s website, but they do like the special edition Evoque.


I might talk about science, nature, discoveries in astrophysics. I might share a poem, a story, or a bit of news we’ve come across. Or maybe I’ll share a picture or two for laughs. Who knows what might appear here one day. Perhaps even faeries from the garden, sharing their creations of legend, lore and crafting. I hope you enjoy your time here and come back to visit again! I have no delusions of grandeur. This place is for me and if someone else comes by and likes what they see, I’m honored and glad you stopped by.

© 1997-2014 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D., Springwolf's Kosmos. All Rights Reserved.
© 1997-2014 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D., Springwolf’s Creations. All Rights Reserved.


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