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20090521-MayFinger Nail Designs of Art

I love getting my nails done! I first starting going to this shop about 7 years ago. Ms. May was my original artist. Sadly she left the shop, but everyone there is very talented and skilled. Ms. Linda is my artist now and she’s truly fabulous. So when I had the extra cash to visit, I jumped at the chance!

I always take a pic of the work they’ve done because it’s so beautiful I think it deserves to be recorded and remembered. I’ll have to create a post of the past versions so I can share the memories. If other people are like me (and I think some are), they like searching the web for ideas and inspirations for what they would like their nail artists to do.

Here I want to share the great work they do to pamper me. I’ll be sharing pictures and stories in my latest category of posts: Nail Art.

My Nail Art is Designed at Top Ten Nails, Ladysmith Virginia. Check them out on Facebook too at Top Ten Nails.

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