A Bard of Tales, Fables and Poetry

Tales, Fables and Poetry

Oral tradition and oral lore are stories that are handed down from one generation to the next that share a common tradition of culture through tales or song. The International Storyteller Center is located in Jonesborough Tennessee, which happens to be my home town.

Making up stories has been a wonderful past-time for me. Making them up on the fly has also been exciting, as sometimes I don’t even know where they’re going to take us. But it’s especially enjoyably to see the faces of those I’m telling the story too. Especially when there’s a scary part that comes out of no where and everyone jumps! Even the adults. Well especially when the adults jump right along with the kids.

One of our favorite past times around here in the summer is to float on the lake and make up stories. Especially when my son was still young enough to sit in my lap on the float. We would look at the clouds and make up stories about the animal shapes, or the scenes we saw playing out before our eyes. Now he shares some of his thoughts in some of our posts we’ve titled “The Funniest Things“.

Here are a few of my favorite stories and poems. Some we made up in the lake. Some are inspired from a picture or phrase. You never know what’s going to spark a new story. Or the retelling of an old fable. Or the sharing of an event or experience from our every day lives.



You can also check our Storytelling Category listing for tales and news we might share from others about telling stories, events or gatherings and more.


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