What Is It About Snow

The Snow Drive by Springwolf © 2010

The Snow Drive by Springwolf © 2010

Snow Smiles

Snow purifies the landscape with white glistening flakes.
Snow calms the world and welcomes the quiet from its cold blanket.
Snow illuminates the darkness of night and brightens the gloom of the day.
Snow beacons the children of all ages to the nearest hills for sledding and fun.
Snow brings friends together to fashion the years first snowman or woman.
Snow invites the challenge of snow ball fights from home-built forts and hand carved ammunition.
Snow shares a smile as a new puppy or kitten touch the white flakes for the very first time.
Snow captures the wonder of discovery as each person young and old who have never seen it before.
What is it about snow you ask?
Snow is winters reminder to smile and laugh. To appreciate the beauty of all our seasons. Both warm and cold.


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