Samsung S5 Screen Shots

Samsung S5

Samsung S5

The Easier Screen Capture Method

I’m still in love with my phone. Yeah it’s a phone but it’s also a life line. Especially when you’re getting old like me. I don’t remember things like I used to and I love that my Samsung S5 cell phone can help me with that.

I have alarms set for several reminders throughout the day. I have notifications set for meetings and appointments in my calendar. I have notifications for important local news events or warnings for weather and traffic.

Then there’s the other app notifications for information and news I like to follow, especially for my favorite pastime; NASCAR Racing and my favorite driver Tony Stewart. All important stuff in my day!

And then there’s the social media connections, FB, Pinterest, Twitter and text messages all to keep up with. The Man and I met online in an AOL Chat room. We’re a little sentimental about AOL and still use AIM as a consequence.

All these things keep me on schedule, informed and connected to family and friends. So every now and then I want to take a screen shot of what I’m looking at for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it could be simply to mark a moment in time, a goal or achievement, maybe a milestone that has been attained. It depends on the app, because not all apps provide a “Share” feature and there times you want to share the information.

When I first acquired my new S5 the instructions for taking a screen shot were to press the power button and sound button at the same time. This was the biggest pain in the arse! I was either turning the phone off, or changing the volume up or down. Everything but taking a screen shot and capturing the screen that I wanted to share!

Palm Swipe Screen Capture

Palm Swipe Screen Capture

Then there was the air “touch” method to take a screen shot. Under the Configuration options of the phone, you’ll find the settings for Motions and Gestures. Under that option you’ll the find Palm swipe to capture.

This “feature” allows you to capture the screen by swiping the edge of your hand across the screen. Problem is, you must keep in contact with the screen. Ok, touching the screen when you do this is also a pain in the arse.

Most of the time I’ve used this feature, I’ve changed the screen to something other than what I was trying to capture! Because the phone things you’re “swiping” to see more information or going to another menu.

So I went on a search to find an easier way to capture the screen. There’s got to be a way right? There’s an app for that? There’s an app for everything how about help in capturing the screen?

Well, I found something even better. There’s another method that comes with the phone that seems to be the easiest method of all! Thank the phone gods!!!!

The Easy Method

The Easy Method

The Easy Screen Capture Method

This method uses a simultaneous button press like the original power/sound process. The biggest problem with that method is that you had to catch the sound button exactly perfect in order to trigger the capture. Consequently you were either turning the volume up or down and not capturing the screen at all.

This time, you’ll be pressing the power/home buttons. Since the home button has only one function, you don’t have to worry about finding that perfect sweet spot on the button.

It SO much easier and works a whole lot better. I’ve been using it excessively for a few days making sure it works as predicted. I haven’t had a single miss-press yet. Yeah!

Now you can capture the screen you want to share and without frustration or annoyance. Good luck and happy image sharing!


A Little P.S.  – The Tardis
Someone asked me about the screen shot I used. Well it’s not a true screen shot actually. Most people can spot the digital editing there. If you’ll notice, there’s no notification bar.

But, the image is from a LIVE Wallpaper. Every time I look at my phone, I smile thinking about getting in my own Tardis and heading out with my Favorite Doctor #9 Christopher Eccleston. I have a theory that your first Doctor becomes your favorite Doctor.

Anyway I’m LOVING this Live Tardis Wallpaper. And of course you can find it on GooglePlay. It’s free, has a lot of kewl options and customizations. Including selecting the Tardis of your favorite Doctor. Or..your favorite looking Tardis. .

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