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Weekly Observations For April 2nd

Weekly Observations

Weekly Observations

What We Saw This Week

Some of my observations from around the social media networks. Comments I made, events I shared. Stories with some laughter and some concern. Some news stories that created annoyance with politics  or moments of joy with a few good news stories too.

April 8th
April 8 2016 – 9:00 pm
“Bruce Springsteen Cancels Show in North Carolina To Protest ‘Bathroom Bill'”
The Boss just gave North Carolina the “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” … or maybe just a “New Jersey salute.”.

Excellent! So glad so many people are speaking up against bigotry and ignorance. Remaining quiet provides silent agreement to the hate being implemented by local and state governments. You cannot legislate bigotry and get away with it!! Continue reading

Religious Freedom In Virginia

Do Your Own Research

Do Your Own Research

Religious Freedom vs. Rights of Conscience

Today’s News media has fallen short of being a reliable source for factual reporting over the past 3 decades. They’re more interested in spinning headlines that inflame and infuriate people, than reporting the complete facts, explaining in full what’s really going on and falling short in giving both sides of a story.

This past week as Indiana garnered great heat over a recently passed “Religious Freedom” act, the News Media has left out certain pieces of information that leads one to think Virginia has a similar modern religious freedom act in place. Say what?!

From watching the coverage, this was the impression I was given from watching the news on all the major networks. Even the Washington Post left out the full facts. In their reporting they conveyed the message that 19 other states have a “Religious Freedom” act, including my home state of Virginia.

I wanted to read the law and find out when it was put into place. So I went off to do my own research. Well color me surprised! That’s not really the case at all!

Continue reading

Vote – If You Don’t “They” Win

I Voted Today – Did You?

Are you tired of the attack ads, political spin, false accusations and fear-mongering? Me too. All the money it took this election cycle to buy your vote is obscene. And that has made many Americans disenfranchised. Many wonder if their votes mean anything when they’re up against Billionaires like the Koch brothers, Donald Trump and others who have their own agenda.

The only way your vote can be bought is if you don’t vote at all. By not voting you’re allowing those Big Super Packs to court the votes of those who fall into their manipulative clutches. If you want to change things, if you want the economy to turn around, then stop allowing the corporations to vote for you and stop them from electing representatives that are going to vote for the Corporations and not for you.


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157.0 Million Women

Women In America

Women In America

Women In America
The number of females in the United States according to the 2010 Census is 157.0 million. The number of males was 151.8 million.
Source: Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics: 2010

Women’s votes made the difference in the outcomes of several high-profile races that helped Democrats retain control of the U.S. Senate, according to an analysis of Edison Research exit polls conducted by the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) at Rutgers University.

Women in the 12 key swing states have starkly different responses from men when asked in an open-ended format to name the most important issues for their gender in the 2012 election. A plurality of female registered voters offered abortion (39%) as the most important issue for women, followed by jobs, healthcare, the economy, and equal rights. In contrast, men see jobs (38%) and the economy (37%) as the two most important issues facing men. Gallop Polling

99 female members of Congress overall, out of 535 members. That’s only 18.5% of Congress. National Women’s Political Caucus

Women still make 77 cents to a man’s dollar. 1 in 5 college women will experience sexual assault. Company’s can deny birth control coverage to women. 2/3rd of minimum wage workers are women. The U.S. is one of 3 industrialized countries with no paid maternity leave and States have passed more abortion restrictions in the last 3 years than in the 10 years before. Women are still getting fired for being pregnant. Child care can cost more than college tuition in 36 states.  And twice as many women as men over 65 live in poverty. National Women’s Law Center Continue reading