Weekly Observations For April 2nd

Weekly Observations

Weekly Observations

What We Saw This Week

Some of my observations from around the social media networks. Comments I made, events I shared. Stories with some laughter and some concern. Some news stories that created annoyance with politics  or moments of joy with a few good news stories too.

April 8th
April 8 2016 – 9:00 pm
“Bruce Springsteen Cancels Show in North Carolina To Protest ‘Bathroom Bill'”
The Boss just gave North Carolina the “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” … or maybe just a “New Jersey salute.”.

Excellent! So glad so many people are speaking up against bigotry and ignorance. Remaining quiet provides silent agreement to the hate being implemented by local and state governments. You cannot legislate bigotry and get away with it!!


The boy child showed me a video tonight. It cracked me up, and to think I learned something too. We had to subscribe to ZeFrank1 on YouTube, because these educational videos about animals are narrated by the “Dear Kitten” guy. And come on, he’s simply hilarious!

The True Facts About The CuttleFish

April 7th
Last night on the Blacklist, character ‘Harold Cooper’ gives out orders to his team to check “the 95” for a van that might be used to steal a nuclear weapon. A show that bases its story in Washington DC should know how people talk in that area for accuracy and realism. Hearing “the 95” in TV shows, drives me nuts! Nearly every show I’ve seen that is supposed to be set in the DC area uses “the” in front of a highway route number.  I had enough and posted a tweet to the show while it was still airing on the east coast.

SpringWolf ❦ (@SpringWolf)
April 8, 2016
@NBCBlacklist Hey Cali screen writers, NO ONE on the east coast puts “The” in front of a highway. It’s not “The 95”, it’s i95 or just “95”!

April 6th
April 6 at 7:37am
Pfizer canceled the deal after the White House cut incentives for U.S. companies to merge with firms in foreign countries where corporate taxes are lower.

Guess Pfizer is going to have to pay up now. Well good! Don’t expect me to feel sorry for them.


April 5 at 1:45pm ·
Gov. Phil Bryant claims the law “does not limit any constitutionally protected rights or actions of any citizens” of Mississippi — a view likely to be contested by opponents of such so-called religious freedom bills.

Any denial of service by any business is bigotry. If you can’t deny service based on color, then you can’t on sexual orientation. Bigotry is bigotry no matter what name you try to place on it.

April 5th
April 5, 2016 10:59 AM ET
Bible Could Become An Official State Symbol, As Tennessee Approves Bill. Critics called the proposal both unconstitutional and sacrilegious, Nashville Public Radio reports.

Why do politicians waste time on crap like this when people are hurting in poverty and unemployment? When the justice system need fixing because it’s stacked against minorities and the poor? When businesses are polluting our planet and getting away with it because they’re in the pockets of the same politicians!
~ My comment to this post on FB sure garnered a whole lot of attention. By the end of the day there were 373 likes and 42 comments. By the end of the week there have been 421 likes and 47 comments. By far one of my most popular responses to a news story. And I’m happy to say, they were also 99% supportive.

April 4th
04/04 Bald Eagle Medicine
Being a Shaman, any eagle medicine is a very powerful animal message to me. You don’t come by Bald Eagle feathers every day. Heck, I’ve never seen one in this type of situation in my entire life. But today I discovered a Bald Eagle tail feather in my driveway, by my car. ~ Click the eagle to read more about Eagle Medicine.

My Bald Eagle Feather by Springwolf

My Bald Eagle Feather by Springwolf

April 3rd
imageIf I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote.

In this political climate of attacking women’s rights, I probably took this message down a different road. But hell yeah!


A Twitter Moment:
POLITICO (@politico) April 3, 2016
Trump: ‘I want to be treated fair’


You get what you give. If he wants to be treated fair, then I suggest he treat others fairly. Until then, stop the friggen whining


Politifact North Carolina
April 2, 2016  3:30pm
“There have not been any public safety issues” in cities that allow transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify as. We found only case, in Canada.

One case. So in other words, you’re at greater risk if you’re in the same bathroom as a Republican Congressman than if you’re in the same bathroom as a transgendered person. ~ comment by Henry Voss 

Well said! There’s more public safety risks to the transgender community being bullied, discriminated against and physically assaulted by the rest of the public. Not the other way around. No matter what the proponents say, you cannot legislate bigotry!

April 2nd
The Old Farmer’s Almanac
It’s Dandelion Season!
Don’t destroy that field of dandelions in your yard!

My maternal grandmother told me she used to make dandelion wine and she gave me the recipe. You can find her Dandelion Wine here.  


Yes it’s possible to have a civil conversation on Twitter, about politics even!



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