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My Favorite Tony Stewart Autograph

Anthony Fox

In 2012 my son and I went to Build-A-Bear and picked up a couple of new friends. The Fennec Fox is the smallest fox in the world and is easy to recognize by its very large ears. It was his ears that attracted me to this little guy at Build-A-Bear. At the time, the shop was donating part of the proceeds from the Fennec Fox to the World Wildlife Federation to help animals. So when it came time to give him a name, Anthony Fox just seemed like the perfect name in honor of my favorite NASCAR driver Tony “Smoke” Stewart.

Tony is a philanthropist who focuses on funding organizations serving children who are critically ill or physically disabled; animals at risk or endangers and drivers injured in the sport of motor racing through The Tony Stewart Foundation.

A few years earlier, a friend sent me a promo picture of Tony in a very dapper 3-piece suit. It’s one of my favorite Smoke pictures. And that picture inspired the attire for my new friend Anthony Fox.

Each year NASCAR comes to the Richmond International Raceway for a spring race. Last year in 2015, Tony was available for an autograph session at the shop. So of course I had to take Anthony to be signed. I asked Tony if he remembered the promo picture. He giggled and said yes. So I told him that picture inspired my ‘bear’ that we named “Anthony Fox”. Tony giggled and signed his vest “To Anthony Fox, Tony Stewart”. It is my MOST favorite Tony autograph ever!

Anthony Fox and Tony Stewart

Anthony Fox and 3-Time NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart

Today on Tony’s Facebook page, I shared my favorite autograph story and someone asked for a picture. You can’t post pictures to Smoke’s page, so I decided this was a good time to share our 1st meeting with Tony here in Richmond. It was exciting and Smoke was very nice too!

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