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I admit it, I’m a Facebook-aholic. One of the pages I follow is for the Faerie Magazine. Every now and then they post images of some of the beautiful and magikal places around the world that simply inspire a vision in my head.

Faeries fluttering in the misty woods, spreading their sparkling magik glitter over plants, trees and animals. Leaving behind all colors of the rainbow and groves of mushrooms where they’ve danced in a circle to celebrate their work and play.

I usually comment on the post to share the vision. But for those who don’t have facebook or follow me, I thought I’d share a few of them here.

Holy King - Carri Angel Photography

Holy King – Carri Angel Photography

They say the Holy King loves playing with the forest Fae, because they make him laugh the most. They fly hither and to among the shady trees, between the green ferns and into the dark hallows of the moss covered fallen trees. Occasionally bumping their wee little heads on a branch or twig hanging a little too low to be seen and avoided. Only to fall into the warm palm of the King’s waiting hand where he magikally heals their booboos and then laughs with them as they flitter off in a rainbow of color once again.

Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland


They say you can see the fae flying around the glen at night. And if you’re quiet and don’t disturb them, you can see their lights of pink, blue, green, yellow and white zipping here and there and all about. Caring for the animals in need, the plants that have been wounded and the flowers that sparkle with a little bit of faerie dust that turn to dew at dawns early light.

Somewhere In The Woods - by Technic

Somewhere In The Woods – by Technic


Can’t you see the little faeries flying from shroom to shroom, dusting their caps, perking up their faces, adding a little blush to their cheeks and giving them a little kiss of morning dew to get them through the day. I love these little guys.

How beautiful!! Can’t you just see the nature faeries standing on that stick talking to the deer and sharing a good morning hello?

Fairy Tale Morning ~ By CD

Fairy Tale Morning ~ By CD



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