Don’t Settle For Less

3d-heartI saw a tweet tonight that caught my attention:

@IggyAzzaIea (Not the real Iggy Azalea)
10:01 PM – 20 Dec 2014
You deserve someone who knows how to make things up to you after hurting you. Not someone who is very good with just the word, “sorry.”

My first thought/response was screw that!
So I tweeted back:


Uh… You deserve someone who goes out of their way not to hurt you in the first place.

Why do women today feel they have to put up with being treated with disrespect and abuse?
The HELL you do!

You deserve to be treated like a Queen, respected and listened to. Honored and revered. Loved and cared for from a place of honesty and kindness.

And if you give back as good as you get, if you treat him with respect, and listen to his voice because it touches your heart. If you honor the work he does for you and revere the sacrifices he makes for you. Then you each really have something that can last a life time.

It’s not being able to say “I’m Sorry” that creates a decade long relationship filled with love.
It’s holding each other in total respect. Then there’s no real need for “I’m sorry”, because those events rarely ever happen.

Check out Holding Respect With Love on my spiritual blog concerning making relationships last a life time.

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