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Find Settings On Your Favorite Classic Wallpaper

Koi by Kittehface

When Android updated the way they handle Wallpapers and Themes, some of the “classic” Live Wallpapers were adversely affected. One of my favorite Wallpapers Koi by Kittehface, was one of these.

Since that initial Theme rollout, additional updates have made it possible to run those Wallpapers again. But you may have trouble customizing the settings for your Live Wallpaper. If you try to access those settings through the app, or through the Desktop and Screen Saver settings, you may notice there are no customization icons or menu options. That  happened to my favorite Koi fishes Wallpaper. So how do you get to those settings?

After some playing around, I finally found the work around and discovered how to access those app settings. I’ll use the Koi fish in the examples below, but these steps should generally work for all of your favorite classic Live Wallpaper apps. (Click any of the images below to see a larger version)

1. To start, pull down your notification window by drawing your finger down from the top of the phone’s screen. Then press the Cog wheel, to the right of the date.

2. Under the Settings window, select the Display options.

3. From the Display window, scroll down until you find the Screen Saver option. If it’s not turned on, you’ll have to switch it on. You can do that here, and when you do, the name of the current screen saver should appear. Or you can press the Screen Saver option to go to the next panel and turn it on there.

4. On the Screen Saver panel, you’ll see the On/Off switch at the top of the screen. In order to configure the app, you’ll have to turn it on for now. Once you do that, this panel should appear like the one below. For the app you want to set up, there should be a Cog wheel to the right of that App. Tap the Cog wheel.

5. Here’s where things will be different. These are the options for the Koi app. Your Wallpaper App will have different options.

Koi By Kittehface Live Wallpaper
You will find this Live Wallpaper in the GooglePlay library.
Watch Koi happily explore their pond! Colorful fish and beautiful backgrounds make Koi Live Wallpaper better than the real thing!

Once you have pressed the Cog wheel in Step 4 above, you’ll be taken into the Apps Settings. You can press on any of the options to customize the settings. I’ll only go through 2 of those, Customize Koi and Background Image.

6. Customize Koi
This option allows you to choose how many Koi fish will swim around on your screen. You can choose 1 to 9. If you only want 7 fish on your screen, the icon for the fish will have a big red X over it.

If you want to change the color of the fish you have selected, tap the fish icon. This will bring up the Fish Editor menu. From here you can choose the colors of your fish, and the size. So if you want some baby fishes swimming among your adult fishes, you can do that too. When you’re done, press OK.

Once you press OK, you’ll be taken back to the Customize Koi menu. If you’re finished setting up your fish, press the back button on your phone’s screen. That will take you back to your Koi Customize Window.

7. Background Image
To set up the background for your fish, press the background image option. There are 14 background options that come with the app. If you want to use your own image as a background, back up. Go back to the Customize window and select the Custom Background option.

My favorite background is the 2nd one in the list, Sand & Plants.

If you’re finished setting up your background, press the back button on your phone’s screen. That will take you back to your Koi Customize Window.

8. The rest of the settings work the same way as these two. You can add lily pads, flowers, rain and rain speed. You can give your fish shadows, or if you want to startle the fish when you touch your phone’s screen through it’s every day use. And so on.

9. When you’re done, press the back button at the bottom of your phone’s screen until you go back to the Screen Saver settings panel.

If you want your Phone’s screen to turn off when not in use, you’ll have to turn the Screen Saver Off. This is suggested to save your battery’s charge. Simply press the button and turn it of.

From here, press the back button at the bottom of your phone, and return to you Home Screen. Hopefully, your Live Wallpaper looks exactly like you want it to.

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