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Tony Stewart 2016.07.24 at Indy

Tony Stewart 2016.07.24 at Indy

Tony Stewart Tributes

This past Sunday, 3-Time Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart ran his last race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS). It was an emotional weekend for sure. Not only for Tony, but for his family, friends and fans too.

Tony was born in Columbus Indiana and IMS is his home track. He’s also the only active Cup driver born in Indiana who still lives in Indiana on a regular basis. He’s a beloved native son and no one has said how much he’s respected and appreciated in Indiana than Robert Riddle’s article “Logging Laps: The Final Lap“.

As a Stewart fan, I always want more stories like this about the good things Tony does for the Racing communities around the world. I think those things he does that some how sneak out through other sources show the kind of man he really is.

Like the 2013 Kyle Larson Daytona Crash into the fence where several fans were hurt and taken to the hospital. Tony won that race. The first thing we saw him do was ask about the fans. Then he kept his winning celebration very low-key out of respect for those who were hurt. It wasn’t until months later we found out Tony went to the hospital and visited with every fan who was injured. And it wasn’t an in and out, I’m sorry you were hurt. He sat with everyone for as long as they welcomed him. That’s class.

Or in August 2015, when Indy Car driver Justin Wilson was seriously injured during a race at Pocono. The accident left Wilson in a coma with a head injury in serious condition. Tony didn’t hesitate to do what he could to help. He donated his plane to Wilson’s family so they could get to Pocono and be with Justin at the hospital. “The only reason his generosity Sunday became known was due to several IndyCar drivers and personalities tweeting their appreciation for Stewart’s kindness.” wrote Jordan Bianchi. It got out quick and spread through the racing community like wild-fire. #ClassAct

On Feb. 21, 2015 Kyle Busch crashed at Daytona International Speedway, breaking both his legs. His first visitor was Tony. But we didn’t find out about that until July 2015 when the news got out through Kyle himself.

It might be hard to remember that Tony isn’t leaving racing. He’s retiring from NASCAR. But we’ll still see his influence as a team owner through Stewart-Haas Racing, the company he shares ownership with Gene Haas. And as track owner of Eldora Speedway, who hosts the MudSummer Classic for the NASCAR Truck Series.  And as a Racer. Though he’s leaving NASCAR he’s going back to his roots in the Sprint Car series for his other racing company Tony Stewart Racing.

He really is the “People’s Champion”, because he’s like us. And we Love him for it!

Great tribute Robert! Thank you for helping all us Smoke fans tell him what he has and will continue to mean to us!

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