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This week on The Ænigma Project:

The Odon Fire Poltergeist

The Odon Fire Poltergeist

08/25 The Odon Fire Poltergeist
Odon, Indiana, a peaceful small town where everyone knows everyone else and nothing strange or unusual ever happens. Or, is it? In April 1941, an Odon farmhouse would become the setting for one of the strangest paranormal events of modern history. The story begins in an upstairs bedroom of William Hackler’s house. A medium-sized fire breaks out in the wall underneath the window. The fire department is called and the extinguish the blaze. Only to be called back again, when Mr. Hackler discovers yet another fire, this time in a mattress of another bedroom. Throughout the day fires burst out and consumed objects and parts of the house’s structure. In all, 28 mysterious fires were extinguished by the firemen during that day. Including a fire that presumably started inside a book.

What could have possibly been the cause? Faulty wiring? The Heckler home had not been wired for electricity. What about local kids playing a dangerous and destructive trick on their neighbor? Or as legend suggests, Pyromania from a demon or evil spirit? Tune in Monday night as our panel of experts discuss this mysterious paranormal event and maybe you’ll have your own ideas. Come share them with us in our chat room with the other Ænigmites!
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