The Dog Days of August

Hot August Summertime

Hot August Summertime

The Hot Summer

Here in Virginia, our hottest month for the summer time is August! It’s hot, but more than that, it’s humid! East of the Blue Ridge mountains, Virginia is a huge swamp. And the humidity from the region can make the temperature feel 10° hotter than the gauge proclaims.

So this month, I went looking for a color that said “hot”. And I found a nice orange to represent the Sun and the heat of the Dogs Days of Summer.

This week I was back sitting with my favorite artist, Ms. May and once again I let her go to town with the design. This time it was a little more than I expected. But I like it. After all I can change it in 2 or 3 weeks. Maybe a little less design next time.

My Nail Art is Designed at Top Ten Nails, Ladysmith Virginia.
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