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Wolf As A Birth Totem

WindyWolfThe Blustery Winds Time

There are many astrological systems around the world. The most common in the west is the European Astrological system of the Zodiac. If you’re born in late May you fall under the sign of Gemini. But there are other system that people find interesting as well. The Chinese have their own form of astrology which relates to the year of your birth. If you were born in 1961, you fall under the sign of the Ox.

There is also a Shamanistic Astrological systems which are similar to the European system in that it defines characteristics by your birth month. These totems are also referred to as Solar totems, because many of them share similarities with the solar system and correspond to seasonal changes.

The Shamanistic Astrological system is based on the Medicine Wheel and cycle of seasons. It begins at summer’s end when the Sun begins to wane for the long winter months. The system connects each month to Mother Earth and it’s ever evolving changes and influences. Continue reading