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Using Old Apps on New Samsung Android Phones

The Magik Of Android

The Magik Of Android

Accessing Old App Settings Menu

So you upgraded your android to the current generation phone. In my case that was going from a Galaxy Nexus to a Galaxy S5. Yeah, it was a leap. But I’m financially conservative and use products to their fullest to get my money’s worth.

One problem with doing this is that sometimes when a new product is created, manufactures make the item better and modify it’s functionality as part of that process. When you’re talking about cell phones, upgrades to the hardware and system functionality may also require modifications and upgrades to applications as well.

Most app creators upgrade their products and keep up with the times and changes made by manufacturers. While others drop support for some of their apps, because they have bigger and better products to offer you. Those unsupported apps may be left in the shadows and can no longer run on the new hardware.

But you loved that app. Or you really need that app because no one else offers the features you needed or wanted. Then what? Well it depends on why you can’t use it. If your problem is nothing more than accessing the Settings menu within the app; there’s a solution for you! Otherwise, you may need to call the developer and let them know what does or doesn’t work any longer. Then hope they’ll listen and support you.

How To Access Settings In Old Apps
The access settings problem is what happened to me when my apps were transferred from the Nexus to the S5. One app in particular has been a long time favorite with me, but I wasn’t able to use it on my new phone. For no other reason than I couldn’t access the Settings Menu. Continue reading

Hello world!

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The year was 1997. I was working as an Internet Engineer at a fortune 50 company. Newt Gingrich was narrowly re-elected as speaker of the US House of Representatives. The 23rd People’s Choice Awards: Mel Gibson & Sandra Bullock win (Dramatic Motion Picture) and Tim Allen & Oprah Winfrey win for their TV shows. The Space Shuttle STS 81 (Atlantis 18), launches into space and returns home safely weeks later. In Super Bowl XXXI the Green Bay Packers beat NE Patriots, 35-21 in New Orleans. At age 25, Jeff Gordon is youngest winner in Daytona 500 history. And that was just the first two months of the year.  But it was also the year that I created my very first website on the world-wide web, as everyone was calling it back then. Continue reading