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Internet Wide Security Issues: HeartBleed

Transaction Security

Transaction Security

Doing Any Business/Transactions Online

You may have noticed your internet connection is slow today, or you’re having problems sending eMail this week. You’re not the only one. That’s because there’s a bug in a piece of software that is widely used by many companies across the board for internet connectivity. It’s called OpenSSL.

It’s important to understand how THIS AFFECTS YOU as a casual user of the internet and why it’s so serious.

OpenSSL manages security behind the scenes for your secured connections while you’re surfing on the internet and doing your day to day business or personal activities. That’s social media, logging into your own blog, even your email servers probably run on OpenSSL.

It most probably also affects your Bank Account, and potentially any secured transaction you use online, from paying a bill, looking at your checking account balance, or buying that perfect Teapot on eBay. Even paying for an app on your phone could be impacted. It’s that wide spread. Continue reading