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HTML 103 – Setting Font Styles

fontconfigsFont Color and Size

Everyone wants to highlight words or sentences in their text when writing the Great American Blog Post or New Article on their website. Businesses want to grab attention for sales or marketing campaigns to highlight key components of their new product or services.

For websites using HTML editors, these types of configurations are often built into the tool that allows you to increase font size, change colors for certain words or designate certain font sets be used for browsers that support them.

Blogs provide these abilities to, but sometimes what’s in the “Kitchen Sink” tool set lacks some of these potential settings. So it’s good to know what you can do with the behind the scene code, that you may not be able to do from the upfront Visual editor.

In the HTML 101 – The Bare Minimum Basics I shared how you can modify the code behind your page. But to share a bit of that here so you don’t have to go back and look it up, let me duplicate a piece of that article here. Continue reading