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The Nature Of Wolves – Wolf Evolution

20140307-02Humble Beginnings

As with most things in this world, the evolution of the Wolf is up for debate. Biologists believe the wolf evolved from primitive carnivores known as “Miacids”. These prehistoric creatures ranged in size from something equivalent to a gopher up to a large dog. 52 million years ago is a long way back to start the history of the wolf we know today. But to understand the wolf, you should understand its history.

The Miacids evolved to the first canids relatively late in their evolutionary cycle. Some biologists believe the canids originated in North America, then spread to Asia and South America. Others believe the canids originated in Asia and spread to other two land masses. The evidence isn’t clear enough to determine where the canids originated, but that they did exist primarily in these areas from their early Beginnings.

Robert Wayne (a researcher from the University of California) suggests a number of wolf like species evolved from a common canid. The following is a piece of his synopsis. Continue reading