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Smoke Returns To The Track

Tony 2014 Atlanta

Tony “Smoke” Stewart 2014 Atlanta

Starting The Healing

3-Time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart, returned to the track this week at Atlanta Motor Speedway!

As a fan I’m elated. It takes a lot of courage to come out of safety of your home, no matter how big and beautiful it is; and walk into the lions den. Image having to face the reporters, especially the ones that don’t know you. Have no idea about racing and what’s involved. Ready to pounce with ignorant and meaningless questions. Especially when you’re still hurting and grieving over the loss of a young life.

In the lime light everyone, people who know him well, people who are professional acquaintances, even his biggest fans all commented that this was not our Tony. This is not the fun loving, quick witted, “most soft spoken bad ass” in Nascar.  Continue reading