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What real experience do I have to share information technology on a blog? Well let’s see, do I write a synopsis, or paste my resume? Since the resume is already written, it’s the easier path to take. So here’s the answer to that question.

I am a professional with 30+ years of hands-on IT technical, operations and management experience in the finance, retail and services industries. I have experience in IT Regulatory Compliance, IT Internet management, Internet Analytics and Measurement, Risk Assessment and Analysis, IT Audit, Digital writing, reporting and social media marketing.

My experience in Business Management, Marketing, Customer relations, fan development and cultivation have been put to good use over the past decade+. I have developed services structured for business clients utilizing online media services, social media and marketing concepts. I have developed programs to keep clients and potential customers informed, interested and intrigued about services and programs. Customized marketing efforts utilizing the latest technology and internet products to entice new customers to visit and promote our family business and services. And I’ve been able to apply those same skills to my client’s businesses as well.


  • I have planned, developed and established my own services company, through the development of a business plan that utilizes and highlights career management experience, digital marketing and site analytics to market and promote my skills and business services. I know what the small business professional goes through, because I’ve done it myself.
  • I upgraded and implemented Circuit City’s IT Regulatory Compliance tracking, management and assessment initiative.
  • I initiated and implemented the first prototype platform for web technology (intranet & internet) at Freddie Mac in 1994.
  • I managed Mobil Corporations first data dictionary repository for domestic and international implementations.


2018 Retired
With the exception of overseeing our family business, I’ve retired. Woohoo. Still, you can never take the Geek out of an IT Professional. Retired or not.

12/2012 – Present – Holland Fire Protection, LLC.
Director Information Systems/Audit
Provide all IT services and oversight, including infrastructure, design, implementation and maintenance of corporate assets, data and content. Configure, implement and maintain technical services, both internal and internet enabled. Including the implementation of the company’s web server and blog. Design and implement marketing programs through social media  (Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and an industry groups/associations) to promote the company, develop good customer relations and advertise services. Manage advertising, marketing and social media communications based on site analytics for content and product. Provide oversight to the Company’s Audit responsibilities and perform IT Audit requirements based on current industry standards from ITIL, COBiT and RSCA frameworks.

9/2007 – Present – Spring’s Haven, LLC.
Sr. Pastor & Spiritual Counselor
Developed and maintain the business plan for our spiritual center, garnered funding and established the centers service and educational programs. Established adult education curriculum, provide class instruction and mentoring to students and staff. Conduct Spiritual study programs, prayer practice, spiritual and alternative healing services, meditation and devotional gatherings. Manage the center’s ministry program, providing center administration, congregational services, lectures, as well as center growth and community building projects. Provide Spiritual Counseling and Therapy for individuals in crisis, coping and stress management, family and partner counseling, military personnel and family coping skills, and specializing in rape and abuse victimization recovery and survival. Design and implement marketing programs through site analytics and social media to promote the center, develop good customer relations and advertise services. Author, inspirational and motivation speaker, mentor to peers and students.

7/2006 – 6/2007 – Circuit City, Inc.
Sr. IT Regulatory Compliance Analyst
Manage IT SOx, Internal Audit and Regulatory Compliance remediation activities using the COBiT framework. Established and implemented the corporate Deficiency remediation process (RSCA methodology) for tracking and reporting. Provide oversight and control of efforts to mitigate deficiencies, identify risks and adhere to regulatory compliance initiatives. Develop and train IT staff for new Regulatory Compliance policies, processes and procedures. Prepare and provide Regulatory Compliance initiative reports to senior management. Assist project teams to identify process risks through Gap Analysis activities utilizing the ITIL framework. Assist IT groups to develop plans for process improvements and fill identified gaps. Developed and implemented an IT process to ensure Operational Readiness for all projects prior to production implementations. Coordinate and manage department audits, including setting audit scope, procedures and documentation. Oversee IT General Control testing. Act as liaison between internal IT groups and external auditors to establish consistent and comprehensive communication and documentation.

1/2004 – 2/2006 – Freddie Mac
IT Risk Analyst / Manager
Provide Risk Oversight and Control for departmental SOx efforts using the ITIL and CobiT Frameworks. Facilitate modeling efforts to create gap analysis documentation, SOx Process Narratives, Test Procedures, Test Plans, identify key controls and satisfactory evidentiary documents. Assist project teams to develop plans for process improvements and fill-identified gaps. Oversee testing and liaison efforts between internal IT groups and external auditors to establish consistent and comprehensive documentation. Prepared, presented and performed oversight of executive level compliance reporting, including senior management attestation reporting. Establish operational procedure documentation; ensure procedure and process communication and training of IT staff. Develop and conduct staff training programs, mentoring, conflict resolution and conduct employee reviews.

2/2003 – 12/2003 – Freddie Mac
IT Technical Engineer / IT Risk Analyst / Manager
IT Manager. Manage process improvements and day to day operations. Manage web environment risk identification, remediation and reporting. Develop web infrastructure CobiT, ITIL and SOx controls; manage findings and develop solutions to mitigate risk. Establish control test scenarios and oversee testing validation efforts. Assist the corporate Business Continuity group in writing requirements for storing and tracking backup/recovery plans, and assist in the evaluation of software products to meet those needs. Develop and conduct staff training programs, mentoring, conflict resolution and conduct employee reviews.

1/2001 – 1/2003 – Freddie Mac
Systems Support Analyst IV (Project Manager)
Manage web infrastructure (hardware/software), Project Management for architecture upgrades, new software implementations and retirement, infrastructure design and implementation. Ensure implementations comply with corporate Change Management, License management, operational procedures and coordination of CobiT controls. Establish the business continuity plan (BCP) for the corporate web infrastructure and perform quarterly backup/recovery tests with other infrastructure groups. Identify priority recovery for internet traffic based on site or product analytics. Manage process improvements, process gap analysis and remediation, and day to day operations. Acted as the senior technical lead for problem resolution, infrastructure and operational enhancements utilizing ITIL best practice solutions. Continue to develop and conduct staff training programs, mentoring, and conflict resolution. Provide input for employee reviews.

1/1998 – 12/2000 – Freddie Mac
Systems Support Analyst IV (Senior Web Engineer)
Senior Web Engineer / Project Manager for the corporations’ web technology. Provided oversight for the day to day administration and operations of the corporate intranet, internet and extranet web environments. Ensure application and infrastructure security configurations meet internal controls and external customer authentication and security requirements. Manage internet projects to improve operations and enhance functionality, as well as, management reporting. Manage the corporations Y2K web testing and implementation. Manage operations staff that provides technical support. Develop and conduct staff training programs, mentoring, and conflict resolution. Provide input for employee reviews.

4/1997 – 12/1997 – Freddie Mac
Systems Support Analyst IV (WebMaster / Project Manager)
Web Technician for the corporations’ intra/internet projects. Perform the day to day administration and management of the intranet corporate web servers, oversee corporate wide shared resources for graphics, CGI and web scripts. Develop and maintain several web operation and web development information sites, including all graphic designs. Create and maintain the web development policies, procedures, standards and design guidelines for the corporate intranet. Work as part of the web operations team to create and ensure infrastructure support architectures are functional, secure and meet business needs. Support specialist for HTML, several HTML editing tools and web site design, creation and implementation for business areas and development teams. Perform quality assurance and integration integrity testing prior to project implementations.

1/1994 – 3/1997 – Freddie Mac
Systems Support Analyst III/IV (Team Lead)
Credited with introducing and implementing web technology to the corporation. This was accomplished through project management for designing and implementing the corporation’s pilot and prototype web efforts. Performed formal and informal training sessions in HTML and design concepts to IT staff. Conducted several demonstrations, overviews and marketing of web technology to various divisions and departments within the corporation. Managed personnel work assignments, monitored progress and reported status of projects. Managed the production implementation of the intranet and corporate roll-out. Assisted in the implementation and roll-out of the corporations internet web site.

Software engineering specialist designated to gather user and developer requirements, perform software searches, evaluations and proto-typing of solutions and products to meet business needs. Created and performed test plans, evaluation procedures and policies for a corporate wide approved technology architecture. Installed and configured various software packages for comparison evaluations and proto- typing efforts. Technical lead for the corporations time and management tracking system.

1/1991 – 12/1993 – Freddie Mac
Systems Support Analyst III
Data Administrator – Conducted business process redesign efforts for various aspects of the secondary mortgage marketing industry. Performed requirements gathering sessions, covering current processes, process gaps and process improvements. Prepared functional dependency (FDD) and entity relationship diagrams (ERD) with Texas Instruments (TI) IEF Case Tool. Managed and maintained the IEF repository and public interface dictionary. Created and implemented over 200 DB2 SQL reports for Data Administrators and Business Area analysts. Created and implemented a reports management system using the DB2 Query Management Facility (QMF) for easy to use report menus.

1/1984 – 10/1989 – Mobil Corporation
Data Administrator / Data Dictionary Administrator
Managed and maintained the IEF repository and public interface dictionary. Including adhoc report generations via DB2 QMF using DB2 SQL. Entry level data administrator assigned to gather business requirements and generate business area analysis models, which included ERD and FDD models using IEF. Maintained and managed the corporations data repository using IBMs’ Data Dictionary. Served as the IBM Dictionary Administrator for the corporation worldwide.Implemention and maintained business data structures into IBMs’ Data Dictionary, which included database definitions, segment layouts and element specifications. Quickly became the corporation’s data repository expert and served as information resource for developers.

CSOx – Sarbanes-Oxley Certification
Solaris 9 – System Administration – Certificate of completion

University of Sedona
08/2008 D.D., 12/2009 Ph.D. – (A Theological University)
I hold a Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, awarded in August 2008 and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Spiritual Psychology, awarded in December 2009.

12/2005 Vigilar IT Security Training
Sarbanes-Oxley (CSOx Certification)
Implementation of SOx Controls, Testing procedures, Risk Oversight and Reporting Governance. Utilizing CobiT processes for establishing IT general controls, testing procedures and management reporting.

12/2003 Sun: Solaris 9 Systems Administration
Unix System Administration I & II Solaris 9 Operating systems. Installation, file system management, boot procedures, backups and restores, printing. Network basics, NFS, SVM, RBAC, JumpStart, SMC, NIS.

1991 to 2003 Continuing Education – Freddie Mac
On going business education such as: Sun – Unix Systems Administration, MS – NT Workstation and Server Administration, Project Management, Managing and Mentoring, Managing Conflict and Diversity, Management Administration: writing and conducting review assessments. Implementing SOx in an IT environment. As well as, continual on the job training on a daily basis.

9/1994 – 6/1996 Community Chapel For Wholistic Healing
Ministerial Leadership / Pastoral Counseling
These courses provide additional education to effectively manage and plan projects as well as staff. Ordained in 1998 and Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2002.

6/1983 Computer Learning Center
Vocational – Associate Degree Equivalent
Graduated with Honors in Computer Programming, learning the basic languages of the time, Assembler, Cobol and Fortran.


03/2008 – Present International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM) Member at large
09/2008 – Present Am. Metaphysical Doctors Association (AMDA) Member at large
01/2014 – Present IMM Counseling Psychology Association One of the Original Members at large
01/1996 – Present Spring’s Haven, LLC Sr. Pastor
12/2005 – 2008 ISACA / Virginia Chapter Member at large

You will find these here on on the IT Governance section of my blog.

  • IT Governance & Oversight
  • IT Attestations
  • Process Narratives
  • Segregation Of Duties
  • RSCA Methodology – Managing Remediation
  • RSCA Process – Procedure Document
  • RSCA Tracking – Tracking The Details
  • HTML Tutorials



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