Indy Reveals Dirt Track For Tony

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Builds Tony Stewart A 3/16th-mile Dirt Track
July 5th, 2016


In honor of NASCARs 3-Time Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart in this last and final season of his Cup career the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, his home track built the People’s Champ a dirt track.

The track made the announcement at the end of last month Indy Builds Tony Stewart A 3/16th-mile Dirt Track on Twitter. Today was the big reveal for Tony and his USAC friends. Bryan Clauson, Sarah Fisher, Keith Kuntz and several others attended today’s exhibition.

Fans had the opportunity to ask Smoke a question. So of course I gave it shot. I’ve never had this work for me before, but that didn’t stop me.

SpringWolf ❦ (@SpringWolf)
July 5, 2016
@IMS I’ve been wondering if @TonyStewart would like to run an Indy Car race next year. Like maybe the Indy500? ?? #IMSSocialChat!

My big surprise was my question was asked and answered! I get excited about the little things in life, because the big things don’t come around that often!

Indy Motor Speedway (@IMS)
July 5, 2016
@SpringWolf @TonyStewart No – my IndyCar days are over.

The surprise of the event was that Tony brought one of his racing suits and helmet to try out the track for himself. Keith Kuntz brought along Carson Macedo’s USAC Midget car for Tony to take out and run around the track. And thanks to Keith Kuntz and Tony Stewart Racing, we have the special moment caught on video!

Tony put in a few laps by himself and then he was joined by Bryan Clauson and Sarah Fisher.  They lined up and gave their 3-Wide Salute, then took the green.

From Keith Kuntz

From Tony Stewart Racing

Tony got around Sarah and took second. He made it past Bryan, but Clauson got back under Tony’s #71 midget and took the lead to the checkers.  The Indy Live Streaming feed reported that Tony ran a 11.93 at the finish. Clauson 11.05.

He pulled off the track and parked near Keith. After taking off his helmet and revealing a huge smile, Tony said “needed more than 8laps. The deer field needs to come out”.  Adding “Do you have any cars for normal sized people?!” LOL

Once out of the car, Tony turned to Keith and said “Only 6 more months and I get to play in these all I want!”

Congratulations Tony Stewart on the great Retirement gift from IMS. Can’t wait to see where the track goes from here.

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