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There are a lot of weather widgets out there. Local News outlets have their own apps now and most include weather tracking and notifications. But what if you travel? Some don’t go outside their own area. So if you’re at home and need to go to Atlanta, you’re out of luck finding out how the weather is in Georgia.

The Weather Channel App ☆☆☆☆
Has a lot to offer. Almost too much. Sometimes I don’t need video or images from around the world bombarding my display. Let me look at things quick and simple and I’m good. But other people like a lot of graphical interfaces. If that’s you, you’ll like the Weather Channel’s app. You can add locations and follow weather back home, where your move lives, or where ever your favorite sports team might be playing this week. You can set notifications for alerts, look at lightening and more.

Weather Bug ☆☆☆☆☆
This one is my most favorite. I have used Weatherbug on my desktop for years. I love this app on the phone. WeatherBug weather widgets display live, local weather conditions, forecasts, severe weather alerts and it can be specific to your location. So if you’re driving down the road, you can bring this app up, look at the radar and see what you’re driving into..or away from.  You can add locations and set a primary Home location. 

weatherbug2You can set notifications for alerts and select how you want those displayed. You can play a sound or simply have an icon pop up in your notification bar.

You can do much of the exact same things you can with any weather app, such as watch the radar and check out photos others submit and news items that are in the Spotlight. What I like most about the Bug is you can arrange those boxes at the bottom to be in any order you desire. So if there are items you don’t care about, you can put them out the end and never see them at all.

One additional feature of Weather Bug that I really like is the Lightning tracker known as Spark. We live amongst a lot of trees and our house has been struck by lightning in the past. It also gives us time to shut down computers, unplug electronics and get things safe before the lightning gets too close. We may not be able to stop our property from being a target, but we’ve learned to protect what’s in the house from the sudden surge of electricity.

Weather Alerts in most apps are issued from NOAA. Not all show you the official alert but rather try to translate it for you. Or they only give you the first few lines of the alert. Sometimes that can leave out important information for your area and leave you thinking nothing is going on around you. And there are some weird alerts that are issued by NOAA. More than tornadoes, hurricanes, snow and severe thunderstorms.

Make sure you view the images provided by the app that peaks your curiosity, read the user reviews and use your best judgements. For my FREE money, WeatherBug is the one for me.


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