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Here I share a few things I’ve learned through my professional IT Career and putting all that experience to work for our small businesses.

From web infrastructure design, implementation,  IT Audit and Compliance, to web analytics for monitoring your own presence on the internet, you can create your site, blog or learn to oversee some best practice processes for youself!

A lot has changed since I first put this section up on my original website. While most of it is still ‘technically’ accurate, the way of doing business today has significantly changed. Back then, having a web presence is all you needed. A static website that allowed people to find you and provided information for how to contact you.

Today, if you’re not on Social Media and if your site isn’t interactive, you risk losing the interest of your customers. If you have a product to sell, this is especially important. But if you have services, you still need to impress the hungry desire for information and maybe pull in customers with examples or proof that you know what you’re doing. But how do you go about doing all that? We’ll discuss it in Making A Web Presence.

If you have a business and you’re looking to grow, you need to approach your company as if you’ve already gone public. The bigger you are, the more you need to ensure you’re complying with Corporate oversight. And it’s never too soon to start. You can make it a lot easier on your company and on your self for ensuring your small business starts out and remains compliant from the beginning. You’ll have a lot less to change AND it will be much less expensive than if you wait till later on when you’re looking to sell your business or go public. That means starting your oversight with IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance as soon as you can.

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Making A Web Presence
Doing business in today’s world means embracing technology and taking advantage of online media formats to connect with your customers and business partners.

IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)
GRC is required for publicly held companies. But it’s also a good idea for any privately held company. It can save you money and provides a framework to oversee the processes within your business.

IT Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

From time to time technical news catches my attention and I’ll feel the need to talk about it. It doesn’t happen to often, so this section may not be updated regularly.

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