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Spiritual Classifications Of The Wolf

wolfbalanceWorking With The Right Energy

As you can tell by my Shamanistic name, the wolf is VERY important to me personally. It’s also one of the more common animals that people want to associate with as an animal guide, along with Dragons and Panthers.

I have composed this posting based on my experiences and the teachings of my Shamanistic tradition for those wishing to work with the Wolf.  I suggest reading The Wolf As A Spirit Guide to help put all this in context.

First thing to learn before working with the wolf spirit and their magik, is what their spiritual purpose is. Each wolf comes to this plane of existence with a special gift of knowledge, just as we humans do. But unlike us, they (and most animals in the universe) are much better adapt to living within the balance of  physical nature and with the flow of natures energy or spiritual energy.  Continue reading

Wolves As Spirit Guides

wolfspiritAnimal Spirit Guides

In many spiritual and cultural traditions, animals play an integral part in our lives. In Shamanistic cultures around the world, humans often walk with a spiritual animal that guides their steps forward through the celebrations and trials of life.

Each animal provides its own set of characteristics and gifts to the individual as a guide. They often enhance or promote our strengths, or act as a support for our weaknesses. They are there for us to listen to, learn from and lean on when needed, if only we’d take time to hear them.

Some spiritual beliefs carry this idea one step farther and define the purpose or meaning of the animal based on its specific breed and/or color as well. For instance, not all birds are the same. A Hawk will bring different strengths to your path than that of a Hummingbird as an example. Continue reading