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Virginia Beach Creamy She Crab Soup

Virginia Beach She Crab Soup

Vickie’s Virginia Beach Creamy She Crab Soup

Let’s be clear up front, I LOVE She crab soup and have a bowl any time I can get it when we eat out. I’ve had this soup all over the east coast and a few places in Texas and California. I’m sorry folks, but no one makes this like the east coast does.

In 2004, Gary and I went to Waterman’s Restaurant in Virginia Beach, where we had the most delightfully tasty she crab soup. It is by far the best version I have ever had! So if you ever go to Virginia Beach, head south on Atlantic Avenue and visit Waterman’s! Everything they have is wonderful.

Unfortunately we’re not able to get the recipe from the restaurant. Can’t blame them. So we’re trying to recreate it on our own the best we can. It’s been under going some tweaking, but we’re getting pretty close.

Here’s our current very tasty version so far. Continue reading