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Share A Coke

ShareACoke with Your Family

ShareACoke with Your Family

It’s The Little Things
A little moment from my morning.

Coca-Cola has a promotion going on right now for personalized coke bottles. Many people are finding a bottle with their name on it and tweeting pictures with the hashtag #ShareACoke.

Now I’m a Coke fan. Diet coke specifically. But I haven’t found a personalized bottle anywhere with my name on it. Not a Vicky, Vicki, or my spelling Vickie. Then I found out that you can order one for $5 at ShareACoke.com.

Ok that’s kewl. So I went there and ordered one for me and my boys (Daddy and our son <- my boys). And of course my favorite Coca-Cola Racing driver Tony Stewart.

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be kewl to have one with Springwolf on it? Now if I can’t find Vickie, of course Springwolf wasn’t going to be out in the world. But I discovered that Coke regulate what it will and will not put on the label. Smart move on the company’s part really. But you can make special requests. So I submitted Springwolf and waited to see if it would be approved. Continue reading

The Wolf Pack

wolfpackIt’s All About Family

Wolves generally travel in packs, lead by a breeding pair. They frequently establish territories ranging from 40 to more than 400 square miles. Defining their range with scent markings and vocalizations such as growls, barks, and their legendary howl.

Where food is plenty within the territory, a pack can number up to 30 wolves. Where prey is limited, the pack can range from 4 individuals to 7. What ever their number, the wolf pack is one of the most cohesive families in the nature kingdom.

We are learning more about the wolf in modern times thanks to the efforts of the U.S. Park Service to re-introduce the wolf back into Yellowstone National Park. You can follow the Wolves in Yellowstone on the National Park Services website.  Continue reading