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The RSCA Process

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The Risk, Security & Compliance Assessment (RSCA) approach is used to evaluate the current state of security and compliance activities for SOx remediation initiatives. RSCA is a three-step methodology that covers Planning and Data Collection, Risk and Security Assessment, and Tracking and Reporting.

Each organization has their own Audit process to define the scope of an audit, the methodology for implementing that audit and how findings are reported. When findings fall into the realm of GRC, they should be handed off to a RSCA team for tracking and oversight for remediation.

Internal Audit, SOx Oversight, IT Organizations, Process Owners and external Assessment Agency

RSCA Tracking and Reporting
When a finding has been identified as a risk to the company, it needs to be tracked to resolution. But that’s not all, it should also be packaged in a final report back to Audit for review and closure. Continue reading