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Cheesy Tater Wedges

Tater Wedges

Garrett & Vickie’s Cheesy Tater Wedges
Wedges are our son’s favorite thing to have with dinner. So we’ve tried a few recipes to duplicate what we’ve found at our local deli. We haven’t quite got their version of wedges down yet. But in the process we’ve come up with some pretty good variations.

This recipe isn’t exactly the traditional version, but it’s a variation we’ve all come to love. They’re great for lunch, dinner or the back yard bbq.

Preparation Time: 1.45 hour
45 min. prep time
1 hour fridge time

Serves: 4  Continue reading

Herb Potato Wedges

Herb Wedges

Vickie’s Herb Potato Wedges
Do something different for dinner with those potatoes. I don’t know about your family, but mine gets tired of baked or mashed potatoes for dinner. Ideally we alternate potatoes with rice, or some other side dish. But some meals just cry out for potatoes.

That’s how we experimented with potato wedges. This recipe came about on a warm summer evening. The boy child wanted wedges, but Dad wanted Fried Potato Slices. So I compromised, and made herb potato wedges. And everyone was happy!

Preparation time: 50 minutes  Continue reading